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Charades Premium

发行商: Ivan Gluvacevic
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Guess the word on your head from your friends clues! Try to guess as many words as possible while your friends sing, dance, mime or describe clues!

The Charades - Guess The Word! is available in different languages ​​for players around the world: German - Erkläre das Wort, Spanish - Adivina la Palabra, English - Charades, Portuguese - Jogo de charadas, French - Devinez le mot, Serbian - Asocijacije, Russian - Шарады бесплатно and many more!

From guessing movies, actors, TV shows to cities and landmarks, this is the perfect solution to spice up a party. Try it now!

Will you be able to guess the words on your device from your friends clues before the 60 second timer runs out?

- Play with friends or family
- For all ages
- Hundreds of words and levels
- Attractive and colorful design
- Dance, hum, sing, quote or act out clues
- Extremely entertaining categories for all ages
- 60, 90 and 120 second timer
- Hundreds of words and levels
- Works on all devices

Pick from over 85 fun decks that are loaded with exceptional words and phrases you will want to play for hours!

Decks include:
- Harry Potter
- Game of Thrones
- Act It Out
- Youtube
- Fortnite
- Dota
- Star Wars
- Super Heroes
- Actors
- Animals
- Around the World
- Books
- Brands
- Cars
- Cartoons
- Celebrities
- Characters
- Colors
- Countries of the World
- Dinosaurus
- Disney
- Facial Expressions
- Famous Bands
- Fast Food Restaurants
- Football
- Friends
- Fruits
- Games
- Greatest Minds
- Halloween
- Historical People
- Hollywood Movies
- I Like To Move It
- I Love The 10s
- I Love The 00s
- I Love The 70s
- I Love The 80s
- I Love The 90s
- Impressions
- League of Legends
- Megacities
- Mixed Categories
- Monsters
- Movie Directors
- Music Celebrities
- Mythical Creatures
- Natural landmarks
- No Talking Only Sounds
- Olympian Gods
- Oscar Best Pictures
- Pantomime
- Periodic Table of Elements
- Piratas
- Pokemon
- Politics
- Sports Celebrities
- Sports
- Superstars
- Tasty Food
- The Bible
- Three Letter Animals
- Tools
- Touch My Body
- TV Shows
- US Presidents
- US State Capitals
- US States
and so much more......

Also known as charades, guess, up, heads, it, act, out in US, Scharade in German, Jogo de charadas in Portuguese, Devinez le mot in France, Adivina la Palabra in Spain, Asocijacije (Papirici) in Serbia, Шарады бесплатно in Russia...


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