Chicken Fly: Platform Jumper

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*** Chicken soup or Chicken Fly! ***
Choose now if you are ready to take the challenge and become brave chicken escaping from hungry country woman. This is your time to have a joyride with one of the best arcade productions on your mobile ever!

Play an amazing platform game and test your skills and reflex as you control Mr Chicken run to glory. Be in full control with highly responsive single-finger tap. Collect coins, points, complete hundreds of missions and many, many more as Mr Chicken becomes a champion among chickens. Customize your run with additional upgrades and power ups, eat a worm that will give you power beyond imagination! Share your adventures through social media and compare them with other players.

Playing in Chicken Fly will bring you a lot of joy in your free time as Mr. Chicken will need to escape his enemies: the Evil Lady and her mean stepson. Mr Chicken will face those with good equipment - including grenades, banana peel and many more handy devices. So don’t waste your time, just install the game and enjoy the charming sense of humor, which cannot be found in any other game!

Can you run away?


The game contains:
- enemies trying to catch you while escaping from Evil Lady
- flying mode
- plenty of powerful items that make your game even more interesting
- social integration
- evil lady chasing you through the gameplay
- many, many more - check out!


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