Cholesterol Food Reference

发行商: Hong Li
价格: 1.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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The perfect reference app for people looking to lower their cholesterol.

"Cholesterol Food Reference is a little more serious and to me, worth the asking price." - Larry Greenemeier, Scientific American

Finding out the cholesterol values of food is never easy. Most groceries don't come with labels and fast food restaurants do their best to hide it from you. Cholesterol Food Reference will help you identify the cholesterol values of some of the most common everyday foods, including fast foods and groceries you buy at the supermarket. Bring this app anywhere and never have to worry about the cholesterol values in food again.

• Over 200 common groceries that contains cholesterol & over 100 fast foods.
• Over 50 of the most popular desserts & sweets.
• 300+ photos to help you identity foods.
• No online connection required. All photos are stored in the app.
• 'Learn More' section to help you understand cholesterol.
• Email or tweet the nutritional information of any food.
• Supports iOS 7.

It's time to stop looking up foods on Google. This app is all you need.

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