Car Wash Makeover

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***Added New Car Wash Levels!*** Help give the cars & trucks a Car Wash Makeover at the cleaning station!! Use different auto spa tools to scrub, wax and clean up!

Make the fun vehicles shine & sparkle like new!

Christmas Car Wash Salon:
Level 1: Red mini car makeover! Use wax and buffer, clean the tires with spray, remove bugs with bug spray and much more!

Level 2: Clean the green Christmas van. Spray and squeegee the windows, vacuum out the dirty interior including dirty diaper and more!

Level 3: A New Year car makeover! Clean the messy car, remove garbage, foam spray and add a fresh scent to make it like a new car!

Level 4: Come clean-up the big red truck! Use soapy scrub brush to clean off the dirt, then squeegee and dry off the big truck!!

Level 5: The new red race car needs a cleaning. Wash the car to make it looks its best!

Level 6: Clean the messy pick up truck! Have fun as you wax the truck and don't forget to clean the muddy tires!

Level 7: Clean-up the convertible at the car wash salon! Use the soapy sponge to clean the dirt, remove the slime and much more!

*Level 8: Go to the mechanic shop to fix the broken down car! Use mechanic tools to check tire air pressure, add motor oil, replace the engine, fix the broken mirror and paint!

Rainbow Car Wash 2 Salon:
*Level 1: New Rainbow Unicorn cars are waiting to be cleaned! They are happy cars and need your help! Clean up the rainbow slime, use the heart shaped sponge to wash the car and more!

*Level 2: A rainbow vehicle went on a trip and got messy from the adventure! Pick up the toys, clean the windows and more!

*Level 3: Oh no the rainbow candy car is messy! Let's help clean up the candy pieces, and interior for a fresh new look!

*Level 4: The pink trailer needs your help! Rinse the car, remove the dirt and give the truck a makeover!!

*Level 5: The rainbow car went on a trip and is very dirty! Remove the rainbow dust, clean up the tiers and wash up!

*Level 6: The police cruiser got messy and needs to be cleaned! Remove the muddy slime, wash the tires and more!

*Level 7: Clean up the new rainbow car at the station! Apply bubbles and clean off the rainbow slime from the car and tires!

*Level 8: Oh no! The blue SUV needs a mechanic to help fix the broken parts. Fix the side mirror, replace the car parts and much more!

*Please note that Christmas Car Wash Salon: Level 8 & Rainbow Car Wash 2 Salon: Levels 1-8 must be purchased separately.
*Please note that Car Wash Makeover is free to play, but you are able to purchase game items and remove ads with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases.*

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