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Cian Real Estate: Sale, Rent

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Cian is a professional real estate sales and rental service in Russia.
The app offers new-build apartments, secondary housing, as well as houses, cottages, land and commercial real estate. You get to rent out or sell your apartment without any fuss.
We carefully monitor the quality of our ads and sellers. Our team of moderators checks all real estate units!

Renting or buying property.
Use the map to search for real estate units: select your desired search area, and the app will display all available options and selected recommendations. Save your search or add it to your favorites, and we will notify you of new ads in the residential complex or area of your choice. Ads contain detailed information about the complex and area, infrastructure – schools and shops, to help you decide to buy or rent. If you are unable to call a seller or tenant right away, you can always use the convenient chat service.

New-build apartments.
You can search only for new-build apartments, including only those from the developer, select the year of commissioning, decorated or undecorated apartment, required area, and set the desired price for the apartment or total square meters.

Commercial property.
Use various filters to find an office, warehouse, or retail space for your business: purpose, building type and class, condition, infrastructure, etc.

Offers from owners and agents.
Use agents' services or find an apartment, room, or house directly from owners. Take your pick!

Renting or selling an apartment.
Use our convenient submission form to quickly place an ad. Both owners and market professionals have many useful tools at their disposal in their accounts. Receive chat messages and calls from interested tenants or buyers.

Property valuation.
Evaluate an apartment for free in a few seconds. Find out the market price, cadastral value and rental rate of the apartment. View the history of ads in the house.

Mortgage Application.
It will take you 2 minutes to receive real mortgage rates from trusted banks in the comfort of your home. The application contains only current programs and promotional offers of the banks calculated for your special benefit. You should better spend time selecting the real estate, and we will help with the mortgage! The service is available round the clock.

CIAN offers an up-to-date and safe apartment search service.

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