Cigar Places

发行商: Drumbeat
价格: 1.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Check in when you light up, rate the cigars you smoke, and join our community of cigar smokers!

For years we've helped you find a cigar friendly place nearby. Now we'll help you pick a great cigar to smoke, too. and the Cigar Places app are constantly updated by the world-wide community of cigar smokers who check in and rate the cigars they smoke so you can try the great ones and skip the rest!

Travelers: Feel confident that you can step off of the plane anywhere in the world, and quickly find a place to enjoy a cigar.

- Check in when you light up to rate the cigars you smoke.
- See Top Rated and Trending Cigars and get ideas for what to try next.
- Find cigar friendly places nearby, anywhere in the world.
- View photos and descriptions of cigar bars to find the perfect spot.
- Add new locations to the map for other cigar lovers to find (we're all community-driven, so be sure to share your favorite places!).

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