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Cinema P3 Pro Camera

发行商: Thomas Blackburn
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Cinema P3 Pro Camera unlocks the full capability of your camera.
Capture video with richer more saturated color and dynamic range than standard video.
Video can be recorded and played back more accurately with cinematic color.
Grass is greener. Skies are bluer.

● Select and use all Frame Rate, Resolution and Color Spaces supported by your device.

● Wide Color
— Capture and playback video with P3 wide color having up to 25% more color than standard video.
— Capture 10-bit BT.2020 color (Dolby Vision) with iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

● High Dynamic Range (HDR)
— Capture and playback HDR video, with higher brightness and increased contrast.
— Capture HDR video with Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG).
— Capture HDR video with C-Log.


● Multiple video recording formats:
— 8-bit 709
— 8-bit P3
— 8-bit P3 HLG
— 10-bit 709
— 10-bit HLG (Dolby Vision)

● Full control over video format settings:
— Frame Rate and Resolution
— H.265 HEVC or H.264
— Bit Rate, Pixel Aspect Ratio and Key Frame Interval
— Time Code Track
— 4K Wide Recording Mode
— Anamorphic Desqueeze

● Advanced image processing tools provide real time image analysis.
— This enables you to optimise image quality, exposure and color on device.
6 powerful mini scopes:
— Luminance
— RGB Parade
— RGB Overlay
— Histogram.
— XY Colorspace
— VectorScope

4 Full Screen image analysis tools:
— Color Analysis for luma and luminance (false color)
— Luma/Luminance Scope
— XY Colorspace
— VectorScope

● Focus Controls
— Continuous Automatic Focus
— Automatic Focus
— Face Detection modes
— Focus Target for automatic focus and Focus Lock function
— Manual focus control with Focus Loupe to magnify the image for accurate focussing
— Focus peaking highlights the edges of in focus objects to assist focussing

● Tools
— Aspect Ratio Guides and Grids assist scene composition.
— P3 Button highlights parts of an image that use P3 color.
— Anamorphic De-squeeze ensures your image is displayed correctly with 1.3x and 1.55x anamorphic lenses (for video preview, recording and playback).
— Camera Quick Select
— Torch

● Creative Video Mode to optimise and enhance the image in camera:
— Grade 1, Cinema A and more.
— Log capture with 33 and 65 point LUTs
— A-Log (SDR)
— B-Log (SDR)
— C-Log (HDR & SDR)

● Audio
— Audio level meter
— Audio monitoring with headphones
— Stereo audio recording on compatible devices
— Audio Format selection AAC/LPCM
— Manual or automatic microphone selection
— Microphone gain control for compatible microphones

● Media Player/Viewer
— Photo Viewer with image info display (EXIF, TIFF)
— Video Player with track info display (audio, video, timecode)


— Automatic or Manual control
White balance, temperature and tint, exposure, ISO, shutter speed, shutter angle and focus

— Exposure Modes
Center, Spot and Manual

— White Balance
Continuous Automatic White Balance (AWBc)
Lock White Balance (WB lock)
Manual white balance control with Temperature and Tint controls and Presets
Automatic white balance calibration using a grey card

— Zoom
Manual zoom controls with adjustable zoom speed for smooth transitions
Zoom with a two finger pinch gesture


● Zebras

● Full Manual Control for Photos
— White Balance, Color Temperature and Tint, Exposure, Shutter Speed, Stabilisation, Flash, Focus, HDR and Red Eye Reduction

● Multiple image formats
— Capture photos in HEIC or JPG formats, with optional Live Photo
— RAW, ProRAW and HEIC capture

● User customisable EXIF Data

● Photo Timer

Not all functionality is available on all iOS devices
In-App purchase is required to enable some functionality
Feature availability is dependent upon model of iPhone/iPad used


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