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Citizenship Test (2021)

发行商: Yang Liu
价格: 1.99 USD


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Welcome to use Australia Citizenship Test (2021), the app includes:

- Features and functions:
* Latest question bank including more than 200 individual different questions with ANSWERS
* Questions and answers are verified one by one
* Automatically collect questions if you answer them wrong
* Test simulation. Finish 20 questions in a limited time, like a real test!
* Updated regularly
* Easy to use, Clean and Simple user interface
* Testing tips take care of you from every aspect
* Most importantly - it is FREE

- To whom wants to pass Australian Citizenship test:
* Practise as mush as you can before you book the Australian citizenship test
* Do Test Simulation and watch out the time
* Review those questions you answered incorrectly, out app can help you with it automatically
* Be confident, the citizenship test is not that hard, what you need to do is getting yourself familiarised with those questions by Practise

- Words from the Author
I created this app as myself was taking the Australian Citizenship Test at Aug 2019 and get passed with the score 100 out of 100.

In order to pass the test, I have done more than 500 questions in total, some of them are from online, some from the book (Australian Citizenship Our Common Bond) and some from friends. When I was preparing the test, I found out some of the questions are wrong and outdated, most of them are duplicated. So I keep those valid and latest questions and answers and made this Australia Citizenship Test app to save your time and efforts. It is like a booklet you can put in your mobile and your pocket. Hope this app can help anyone who is going to have the test and pass it!

Good luck for your citizenship test and Australian citizenship application, mate!

Please leave a comment if you like this app! :)


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