City Parkour Sprint Runner 3D

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Are you ready to run though a track full of surprising hurdles and obstacles?

Defeat your competitor to win this super amazing parkour stunts adventures. Watch out of treacherous way and tactfully handle the twists to complete the journey till final position. Run, swipe and jump through obstacle without stopping to complete the level. Enjoy the game with different costumes of characters to run through sceneries New York City Streets!

Maneuver game play to chase and dodge the snag to complete the levels. Game difficulty will increase as you unlock the new high levels. Enjoy the thrill in 3D graphics which will amuse you to become addict of this game. Run & win against your rivals in this one on one stunt race & claim your victory.

City Parkour Sprint Runner 3D Features:
• Easy-to-learn controls
• Different characters to play with
• Exciting, challenging and addictive gameplay
• Modern, clean 3D graphics that will enhance your gaming experience
• Smooth physics simulation
• No much space required to install
• Nice and cool going background music

Download FREE and start your Parkour stunts adventure today!

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