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The smartest way to pay for parking and move around the city of Prague. Citymove will find and compare all possible modes of transport for the most effective route from point A to B. Whether bus, train, taxi, shared bike, car or scooter, Citymove gives you the choice to pick the transport mode to suit your current situation from one app. Use City move to reserve and pay for all mobility services without ever needing to use another app. And it handles your parking fees too!

Citymove supports:

· Public transport and SMS tickets
· Bike sharing
· eScooters
· Car sharing
· Taxi services
· Paid on-street parking

All you have to do is enter your destination and Citymove will find the best way. Whether you want to use a taxi/ride-hailing, bike-sharing, car-sharing, electric scooters, public transport or simply walk, Citymove has it all in one app and it also takes care of parking payments.

Through Citymove you can pay for your parking, without having to look for ticket machines. Citymove is the only app that works directly with MPLA, provider of Prague's on-street parking payments, and gives you the smoothest parking experience currently on the market. This makes it an essential app for all drivers parking in Prague.

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