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Classic Number Game -Slide Puz

发行商: Mrudul Babariya
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Number Puzzle - Classic Slide Puzzle is a classic math game puzzle.
Tap on wood number tiles and move on empty space.You need to focus and challenge your self to solved as soon as you can.
So you can improve your brain power and logical skill too.

How to play ?
Tap on wood number box and fix the position in ascending order like 1 to N.
If you getting stuck show the tutorial.

Classic Mode
Time Mode

Different Levels
3 х 3 : Beginners mode
4 х 4 : Classic mode
5 х 5 : Smart Mode
6 х 6 : Challenger Mode
7 х 7 : Expert Mode
8 х 8 : Master Mode

Swap Puzzle
Pick the puzzle piece and exchange with right one

Classic Mode
Time Mode

Different Levels
4 х 4 : Classic mode
5 х 5 : Smart Mode

Game Features
Classic design.
Easy to play hard to master.
Different playing mode.
Improve your logical skills and test your brain power.
Realistic graphics and ambient sound.
Realistic stunning and amazing animations.
Real-time particles & effects
Smooth and simple controls.
User friendly interface and interactive graphics.

Ball Short Puzzle
Highly addictive game for fun!
Short all the ball color wise with same tube.
More than 800 levels.

How to play ?
Pick ball ans put on empty tube or tube which contain same color ball on top of the stack.
Each tube contain only 4 ball.
You can undo the ball when ever you want.
Restart the level any time.

Easy to play hard the master.
No time limit.
Improve brain power.

Tic Tac Toe
Game is very simple to play, Hard to master.
5 different game levels for one and two players.
50 unique levels.
Improve brain power.
AI is too smart.
More you play, more you learn.

Single Player
You are playing with AI / Computer.
Best AI you will see.

You can play with your friends, family or colleagues.

Single Player & MultiPlayer levels
3 X 3 (3 to win)
5 X 5 (4 to win)
6 X 6 (4 to win)
8 X 8 (4 to win)
10 X 10 (5 to win)

More than 50 levels.
All levels are unique.
You can play with single player or multi player.
As much as you play difficulty levels will increase.

How to play ?
Put the ‘O’ or ‘X’ in the empty box.
make horizontally or vertically or cross puzzle and win the game.
Block your opponent from winning.
Play strategically.

Find Object
More than 250 levels.
Find the objects from given set's of objects.
All the objects are familia's, because you used in your day to day life.
Easy to play hard to master.
Time limit, so you need to find object as fast as you can.
Smooth animation, Calm sounds, natural design.


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