Classic Runner Adventure

发行商: Cuong Pham
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价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Classic Runner Adventure has many levels for you to explore.
In each level you must strategically dig brick to trap enemies and find all golds or also called lode or mine to open the exit door to get next level.
Four button control type make you feel more about classic game .
You can buy some power up items to improve your strength. To do it you have to collect coins in each level or watch reward videos in table menu.
If enemies find and touch you, you will die and replay again.
Power up items are coffin and drill. Coffin to trap enemy into it. Drill to destroy stone, rememer only stone not brick.
If you feel some levels are difficult, rememer you can get some power up items to get all mines and finish it.
Some othes games you can get bomb and use it to destroy brick and enemy. But this one do not have this.
Hope you get it and go through all levels to become super miner.
Now, enjoy it.

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