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ClockMaster - Time Regulator

发行商: ONYX Apps
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ClockMaster is a clock timing software, in many ways similar to watch timegraphers, but specifically designed to work with mechanical pendulum clocks. The app analyzes the ticking sound of the escapement to determine the clock's running rate measured in Beats Per Hour (B/H). This rate is then compared to a specified Target Rate, and the Error is reported as Seconds Per Day fast or slow (±S/D).

The speed of a mechanical pendulum clock is not constant, fluctuating with age and wear, spring tension and even temperature. The ClockMaster app was created with a focus on accurate long-term measurements where traditional timers often do not function very well.

For the professional horologist or interested amateur, you can now test in the field — put the clock in exact beat and regulate the clock with just a few hours of testing. For increased rate accuracy and in depth investigation of clock movement's behavior, you can conduct long-term measurements for up to two weeks (ClockMaster Pro). Branded, printable PDF reports can be generated for each measurement, and the raw data exported as .csv file for graphing in a spreadsheet (ClockMaster Pro).

ClockMaster Pro (in-app upgrade) provides these additional features:

• Save and share branded, printable PDF reports for each measurement
• Export raw measurement data as a .csv file for spreadsheet analysis
• Conduct long-term measurements of up to two weeks


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