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CloutHub: Social Networking

发行商: CloutHub, Inc.
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone


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CloutHub is a non-biased social network for people engaged in meaningful civic, social and political issues, causes & campaigns they care about.

CloutHub is the People’s platform. We support free speech, protect user privacy, and empower our members to influence the issues they care about.

We use the power of social networking to bring people together who have a passion to make a positive difference and empower them with tools and resources to connect with like-minded members to influence the issues they care about, advocate and organize to preserve their freedoms, collaborate and mobilize to hold their leaders accountable, and restore the balance of power for the people.

We are a one-stop online gathering place where our members can
- participate in intelligent discussions and debate,
- make new connections, socialize with friends,
- get your news, access valuable resources,
- view and share content, join groups, and
- take real life action to address the problems that impact their lives, communities and country.

Whether you are a seasoned political activist, a community leader, or a parent concerned about what is happening in your child’s school, CloutHub is the platform for you.

Create A Free CloutHub Account Today – Get Clout!

We stand for:

- Free Speech: We honor your right to think and say what you believe about today’s key issues and topics.

- Privacy: We protect user privacy. No data-mining, tracking or selling user data. CloutHub is a platform that users can trust.

- Empowerment: CloutHub is designed to empower people to address the issues they care about, grow their influence and following and make a difference.

- Non-biased: CloutHub is a neutral platform for everyone – The Left, Right and in between are all welcome. Our Terms and Rules are applied equally to everyone.

- All in One: CloutHub users can do everything they do on the existing platforms, plus make a positive difference in their society, community and country, all in one place.

CloutHub is a customer oriented, healthy, clean and responsible social networking platform that includes features such as a public forum, newsroom, video sharing, messenger, content channels, and groups with many additional features coming in the future.

Download CloutHub today and start making a difference!


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850 条评价

Freedom Freedom freedom

Freedom THIS APP IS 2nd to none. The voice of the people Freedom of speech your privacy kept private this app is truly the American way freedom


“Free Speech” Cesspool

This app makes it seems like it is a wonderland of civil political discourse and it is really just where all the Parler people have migrated and continue to spread their Q conspiracy theories and call for the Republicans who voted for impeachment to be executed. It supposedly has community standards that include not using swears (love that that is somehow part of free speech 😂) or promoting violence but it seems completely unmoderated and a dangerous hot mess. Also it won’t cancel your account when you ask. Ridiculous.


A rating of 1 is too generous.

A significant number of members are either naive or intentionally posting fake stories. One yesterday, “Pelosi taken away by US Marshall’s.” Just like everything else social media this site attracts flies. And you can’t just delete your account! You have to tell support WHY before they delete it for you. That’s some freedom, isn’t it? I was hoping for a place that was different than the rest, but I don’t want anything to do with it. Hopefully the developers get it together one day. How people stay here or rate it higher than 1 is just baffling!!!!


Too much free speech is a threat.

This app is great, until they do to you what they did to Parler and other sites, and they WILL do it. What happens when you get booted off the app stores? Because that will happen too. Once they realize there is just too much free-speech happening here you’re going to be a threat. Hopefully you get ahead of this because no free speech or free thought app is going to last long on the app stores. They are coming for everyone.


Conspiracy theory app

Just more conspiracy theories being spread


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