Códigos remoto para STB Smart

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If the machine does not respond to the remote control after dealing with all the codes in the list corresponding to the mark, or if the mark is not included in the list, do a manual search of the code: here is a list of marks to find The corresponding code of your TV (Television) or Another thing you want to program.

Codes for Set Top Box will help you control your DTH / Parabola TDT decoder and your cable TV

Here we make it easy for you to be searching for these codes on the internet here in this application are All Thousands of different brand codes here we make life easier for you.

Universal TV Remote Control Codes This app allows you to quickly select thousands of TV manufacturer codes so you can configure your remote or (Control) for the TV.

The universal remote control can be programmed to work with most televisions, video recorders and cable boxes. Each brand has a specific code that must be programmed in the universal remote control, and the manual has a code listing.

However, the manual can easily go astray and make your remote control more difficult to program. Some codes can be shared between devices.

Over 100,000 codes for your Set Top Box (STB) and other devices

With the remote control cable you can control beyond your preferred receiver or other models of Set Top Box (there are more than a thousand controls), your TV, DVD, Home Theater, BD and more.

* Note: The digital control part only works with some Smart TVs

Control of STB brands: DirecTV, FiosTV, Time Warner Cable, DishTv, Comcast, Charter Spectrum, AT & T, Communications, VirginTV, ShawDirect, DStv, Rogers, Sky, UPC, Foxtel, ClaroTV, BellTv, YouView, Sky Mexico, Sky Brasil, Movistar, Movistar Chile

- Smart TV: LG and Samsung
- Cable and decoder
- AV Receiver
- CD and DVD player

More than 10,000 remote control codes TV, DVD, satellite, PVR, cable box, console, and even the dark accessories!

This App makes it easy to be looking for these codes online - 3 or 4 digit codes for brands like Sony, Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic, LG and many more - Here are all your codes for your friends too.

This application is a code database easily programming your universal remote control. This application is not a remote control.

Share with friends to make it easy for you.

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