发行商: Bonnie Curtis
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价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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A creative photo filter app created by professional photographer Bonnie Cee!

Brining you her premium presets direct to your iPhone. Making editing your pictures & video with professional creative filters super easy and fun!

You even have use of the Camera in app so you can record videos or take photos with real time filters applied!

Check out on Instagram to see see our favourite edits.

Current preset collections…more coming soon

- Island Escape Collection (10 presets)
- City Lights Collection (7 Presets)
- Classic Collection (7 Presets)
- Cali Summer Collection (8 Presets)
- Middle East Collection (4 Presets)
- Beach bronze Collection (9 Presets)
- Royal Collection (4 Presets)
-Luxe B&W Collection (5 Presets)

Clint's Collection:

- Season
- Clinty Beach
- Colour Pop

Adjustment settings for further creative editing

- Contrast
- Brightness
- Saturation
- Exposure
- Highlights
- Shadows
- Vibrance
- Temperature
- Tint
- Sharpen
- Vignette
- Noise (photo only)

Additional features:

- Built in gallery to import photos & videos
- Pinch to zoom for ease in photo editing
- Reset button to revert to original image
- Compare Button with multiple compare views to see before and after of the filter effect.

Save your own preset recipes! Create your own variations using the adjustments above for endless creative options. Save your favourite presets for use on future edits.

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