Confidence - Dubai RTA driving test essential app

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Confidence application brings confidence to your driving test success in Dubai. This is a valuable resource that will help driving learners in UAE who aspires to get driving license in Dubai, Sharjah Ajman etc.

This application contains essential information for RTA driving theory test and parking and final test.

Various modules are
- Theory course
- Signals
- Road markings
- Mock tests
- Success Stories

Theory course gives insights about various theoretical topics and the procedures in place.

Traffic Signal module covers various signals in details including the real pictures in road how can you see them. Handy signals will help the candidate to refer the signals any time. This designed to help you in all your driving journey.

RTA theory mock test is unique its kind in Dubai covers 125+ questions help to crack the theory test. Includes practice test also. More questions will be added in future releases.

Driving final test tips and success stories helps to get your license in the first chance.

Disclaimer : This application not associated with RTA or any driving centers or institutes in Dubai.

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