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Connect Decks App

发行商: Shauna Mayer
价格: 8.99 USD


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Connect Decks is an emotional awareness and intuitive development app connecting you to well-being and intuition during challenging moments.

There is a place inside each of us where ease, confidence, and inspiration reside.
This app was created to help you get connected to this inner world.

When problems show up in life we can find relief and resolve through our feelings.
When we allow our feelings to surface they are our greatest allies. They help us clarify what we need. They connect us to our heart and our soul’s perspective - the highest, wisest part of us.

Connect Decks help you turn a challenging situation into an opportunity for emotional and intuitive connection. By naming your feelings and identifying what you need, you can experience calm and clarity, even in the midst of stressful circumstances.

Discover your greatness through inner guidance using the Connect Decks process :

1) Emotional awareness
Connect Decks help you identify your feelings easily. Naming and validating your emotional state increases emotional intelligence. This vital skill can benefit you in every area of life, especially during times of stress.

2) Well-being
Human needs are universal. Connect Decks help you clarify the essential needs that lie beneath the surface of your feelings. This process of self-empathy provides calming reassurance and self-confidence during difficult situations.

3) Intuitive guidance
Intuition is wisdom from higher consciousness. Connect Decks strengthen intuitive ability with the use of symbols. Quietly focusing on these images helps to bypass negativity and overthinking providing greater access to inspiration and guidance.

Shauna would love to connect with you and offers a number of supportive services.

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