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Contact Cards

发行商: Matthew Roberts
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A Contact Card for Every Purpose
—Want to have more than one named, color-coded contact card for yourself, and easily choose which contact info about yourself you share with whom? Contact Cards lets you do just that. It allows convenient sharing of different contact info about yourself with different people. You choose the purpose: business, networking, close friends and family, less close friends, dating, that person you don’t want getting any real info, you name it.

Share Virtually or by QR code
—Just give a card a title and a color and you will be able to share it virtually the way you share any contact card, or by colorful QR code. Your card’s title will be kept private. If you share by QR code and you’re just meeting someone, you don’t have to enter their phone number, email address, or account.

No Extra Account Needed and Syncs with iCloud
—No one has to have the app for you to share a card with them and no sign-up is needed. Contact Cards syncs with iCloud.

Virtual Ways of Sharing
—For sharing virtually, you can share by Messages, Mail, AirDrop, or with any other apps you have that support receiving contacts with the vCard format.

Create Your Cards
—You can create a contact card from scratch or fill one in with a contact from the Contacts app and give it a name and a color.

—Color choices are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, pink, and gray, plus black in light mode and white in dark mode. Black and white will automatically change when the device shifts from light mode to dark mode or dark mode to light mode, and QR codes will display all colors differently in dark mode and light mode to make them more visible against the background.

Widgets and Siri
—You can display a QR code of a contact card in a widget, and you can also choose a card to share by QR code with Siri.

Watch Companion App
—Comes with a watch companion app that syncs over iCloud for sharing small contact cards by QR code straight from the watch face.

macOS app
—Also available on macOS, and app syncs over iCloud.

Shareable information is:

Name Info:
—First Name
—Last Name

Company Info:
—Job title

—Mobile phone
—2 work phones
—Home phone
—Other phone

—Home email
—2 work emails
—Other email

Social Profiles:
—Twitter username
—Facebook URL
—LinkedIn URL
—WhatsApp number
—Instagram username
—Snapchat username
—Pinterest username

—Home URL
—2 work URLs
—2 other URLs

—Home address
—Work address
—Other address


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