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Contacts Pro is tool for iPhone/iPad users.This tool will maintain and manage iPhone contacts by cleaning duplicated entries and backup by upload to box, dropbox, google drive or gmail and other sharing ways.

User can simply backup all contacts to a single file for importing to other device or other platform device which supports vCard, Gmail format, Outlook format standard.

*Auto Contacts backup notification.
* All Contacts: shows all contacts in iPhone memory
* Export: function support Outlook, Gmail, Microsoft excel, .csv and vCard format needed for almost all devices deal with contacts.
* Delete All Contacts: This function delete all contacts stored in phone memory.

Merge Contacts:
* Shows duplicate contacts with count, based on option selected in options
* On Clicking Duplicate Name, all contacts which have same name will be linked into one contact. User can unlink anytime later. User can merge manually or this app does automatic.
* On Clicking Duplicate Number, it shows the list of duplicates phone number where each contact can be seen on clicking. User can merge manual or automatic.
* On merge, all the contacts will be merged.

*** For Support and Discussion about iPhone Contacts Check out at ***

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