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The ideal tool for travelers, students, professionals and anyone who needs to convert currencies and measurement units.
ConverterBox is a user-friendly universal unit converter with a twist: unlike other unit converters, it provides definitions for every conversion unit.

What makes ConverterBox different:

—Instant results as you type: ConverterBox provides results for all category units instantly as you type a new value. Most other unit converters only show you two units at a time and require you to go through too many steps before you see the results of the calculation.

—Informative: Learn about each unit without the need to open an external app or a web browser, and without the need to be online. Simply tap the question/info button next to the unit you want to learn about and a description of that unit will pop up.

—Customizable: Add, remove and sort units and categories according to your preference.

—Up-to-date currency exchange information — perfect for traveling, home or office use. Stores the latest update so you don't have to be online to calculate the exchange rates.

Categories include:
—SI system prefixes
—Computer data sizes
—Radix (numeral base)
—Many more are in the works for the upcoming updates!

—Numeral base (radix) conversions: Lets you convert between binary, decimal, hexadecimal and 32 other numeral base systems! Supports every base from 2 (binary) to 36 (Hexatrigesimal) and fractions in each one of those systems!

With a list of over 300 units and definitions, this is the perfect tool for students, teachers and professionals!

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