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coolAltitude is easy to use tool designed for IFR pilots to help them with calculations of temperature corrections during ILS (CATI), RNAV/GNSS, VOR and NDB approaches in cold weather. It can decode SNOWTAM reports from METAR information.

The strength of the tool lies in the amount of values you need to enter. Nobody is really willing to fill a lot of data to get simple calculation result. So the only data you need to enter are:
•Intermediate approach altitude
•Descent angle of the approach
•Runway elevation
•Height over the runway threshold
•And, of course, the temperature at the airport either in °C or °F
•MSA and Go Around altitudes, if required
•Optionally you may need to enter DME shift to work with DME’s offset from runway threshold.
•Optionally SNOWTAM

As a reward for your effort you get in graphical and handy form:
•Temperature corrected altitudes for all entered values
•Temperature corrected altitudes for altitudes above the intermediate approach altitude
•Temperature corrected altitudes for all relevant DME distances rounded in the way which makes them easy to use
•Temperature corrected descent angle for FPA enabled airplanes
•Pressure altitude of the airport in hectopascals
•Table with temperature corrected (and uncorrected) values of vertical speeds (ft/min) during descend for different ground speeds (kt)
•Table with conversion between QFE values in meters and QNH values in feet, of course with temperature corrected altitudes as well. All optimized for use in Russian regions
•Decoded SNOWTAM including braking actions based on friction coefficient according ICAO as well as Normative/CIS scales. It provides (experimental) recommendation for braking actions based on runway contaminant and airport temperature.

Corresponding aviation authority can certify this tool. It must be the part of operator’s EFB package. Otherwise it cannot be used in real operations.

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