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COVID Tracker Ireland

发行商: Health Service Executive
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone


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The COVID Tracker App can help reduce the spread of coronavirus in Ireland and help everyone stay safe.

It's easy:

- download the app
- choose what information you want to share, or not
- that's it, you are now part of the contact tracing community, helping to keep everyone safe from coronavirus.

If you use the app you will:

-be alerted if you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus
-be able to track your symptoms and get advice on what to do
-have the choice to anonymously warn others if you test positive for coronavirus - this will help keep other people safe
-protect yourself and others as everyone begins to return to normal life

How the COVID Tracker app works
The app has 3 functions:

contact tracing
COVID check-in
updates and information

1. Contact tracing

Contact tracing identifies people who were in close contact with someone who has coronavirus. For example, family members, friends, colleagues or fellow travellers.

The app will help contact tracing by:

reducing the time it takes to alert you if you're a close contact
notifying close contacts that might have been forgotten
enabling us to contact people who are unknown to each other
The app uses Bluetooth technology and anonymous IDs to log:

-any phone you are in contact with that also has the app installed
-the distances between your phone and other phones that use the app
-the length of time your phone is near other phones that use the app

Every 2 hours the app on your phone downloads a list of anonymous IDs. These have been shared with the HSE by people using the app who have tested positive for coronavirus.

If you have been closer than 2 metres for more than 15 minutes with any of these phones you will receive a notification that you are a close contact.

Close contact alerts
If the app finds that you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus, you will get an alert.

You'll be advised to:

-restrict your movements
-get tested for coronavirus

You won't know who the contact is or where the contact happened.

If you test positive
If you test positive for coronavirus, you can choose to use the app to anonymously alert other app users you have been in close contact with.

Alerting your close contacts
Our contact tracing team will phone you if you test positive. They will ask you if you have the app.

If you have the app, they will ask you to share your set of anonymous IDs through the app. It's your choice if you want to do this.

The contact tracing team will send you a unique upload code by text message. This code unlocks the upload functionality on the app.

You can then upload your anonymous IDs for the last 14 days.

Only the HSE can issue upload codes. People who do not have the virus will not be able to use this function.

2. COVID check-in

You can use this to:

-track how you feel each day
-find out if you have symptoms of coronavirus
-get advice on what to do

Any information you share on the app is anonymous.

Optional information sharing
When you first use the app you'll have the option to share:

- your county or town
- the age group you are in
- your sex

This information can help us to map and predict the spread of the virus. We will not ask for precise details about your age or where you live.

3. Updates and information

You can use the app to get the latest facts and figures about coronavirus in Ireland. You can also get advice to help you to care for yourself if you are sick.

Your data is collected anonymously and stored on your phone. Your name, location or movements are not tracked.

You will be asked to allow the app to collect:

- your anonymous data
- anonymous data sent by other app users' devices

You can choose:

- what data you want to share
- to change your privacy settings at any time
- to use the app without sharing any data at all

No one will ever know your personal details unless you choose to share them. This includes the HSE.


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