Crack Safe Lock: Hacker Simulator Full

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Ever dreamed about a safe hacker career? Of course in real life it’s almost illegal, but you can join our Crack Safe Lock: Hacker Simulator game and let your dream come true!
Find out your special technique and hack all safes! Every safe is unique – there could be weapon, gold, silver, money, famous picture, gems or even teddy bear toy! Use your peculiar hacker skill to free these interesting things and own them!
There’s no need to use a gun to obtain such jewel as topaz – just use your hands to crack the code or find the right combination of turns and clicks! This safe can be made of steel or iron, but it doesn’t matter, because you are able to cheat them all with your fantastic mind and deft fingers! Every click will advance you to the victory! Master your technique of breaking the code and have fun with Crack Safe Lock: Hacker Simulator!
Crack Safe Lock: Hacker Simulator features:
• Interesting safe cracking puzzle
• Various codes
• Lots of different safes – wheeled, with code lock and others
• Wonderful and amusing rewards
Become a professional safe hacker with Crack Safe Lock: Hacker Simulator! Compete with friends and do your best to win all prices!

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