Crazy Roller Coaster Classic

发行商: huiling huang
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Ready for your thrilling excitement~ a game that is suitable for all age group players, will defiantly amaze you! Test your reflexes as you try to survive a runaway roller coaster ride.

This simulator game is the most exciting fun ride simulation game.In this game you have to drive your roller coaster in beautiful off road environment on curvy and circle track. Dangerous curves and stunts will test your pro driving skills. You will fly in air with your roller coaster. This simulation is just like driving a train but the only difference is that this hanged in the air and is open air. Many tourists are visiting this area and you have to give them ride in your coaster. Your speed should be in your control specially when there is sharp turn on your track.

The games come with 6 different coaster and 16 levels to rush a roller coaster through beautiful railway tracks with thrilling moment around deadly corners. Play over and over again to collect more diamond for some seriously cool upgrades.When you were crazy about swings and spinning wheels, The game will take you back to that time with Roller coaster.

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