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Cricket LiveScore is the comprehensive Cricket scoring companion for any cricket club or association.

In Cricket LiveScore, scorers can enter match scores for any matches at a ResultsVault-powered Cricket organisation, or setup and score fully customised, offline matches.


• Score single-innings (T20, One Day) or two-innings matches.
• Score a custom match (including Pairs cricket), with custom teams and custom players.
• Search, select, re-order and assign roles to players inside a team.
• Pre-select your team on ResultsVault to save time when using Cricket LiveScore.
• View a ball-by-ball breakdown of the current innings.
• Full editing controls for both individual balls and entire overs, including the ability to change bowler, fielder, dismissal type, scoring type, runs and much more.
• Ability to edit and make adjustments to the full scorecard at any stage.
• View scores in a traditional scorecard, and make scoring adjustments in real-time.
• Export scorecards to PDF, making it ready to email, save or print from your device.
• Customise your scoring and display rules, including Overs per inning, Maximum overs per bowler, balls per over and more.
• Share a match or the result of the toss on social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.
• Easily recover or resume scoring a partially-completed match from any compatible device.
• Complete a limited overs match using the Duckworth-Lewis (Standard) method.
• Comprehensive in-app help system, covering all screens in the Cricket LiveScore app.
• The powerful, simplified design allows scorers to focus on what matters - scoring!

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