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Crossroads Maldives

发行商: Cakebox
价格: 免费


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CROSSROADS Maldives application designed to introduce visitors to the resort islands. See all available services, boat booking and reservation system.

Release Notes:
update 1.0.62
- Fixed PDF file handling
- Fixed overbooked seating for boats
- Added notification pop-up
- Added scrolling notification

update 1.0.61
- Added push detail mesaage
- Fixed forced update (iOS)

update 1.0.60
- Fix Profile page to only update email only non-social media login
- Modified access for staff
- Add Change PIN Code for email registration
- Prevent Change PIN Code for social media login (does not require PIN)
- Fixed the category listing to better display on the page
- Fixed boat booking by allowing for all trips that has not been taken yet
- Modify boat booking to prevent changes 1 hour before scheduled trip
- Fix boat booking date to show dates properly
- Changed icon for “My Calendar”
- Add notification warning when canceled a booking
- Add notification reminder 1:10 hrs before departure time
- Fixed iOS push notification
- Other minor bug fixes and wording changes

update 1.0.58
- Fixed boat booking status when modifying a confirmed ticket
- Import available passenger info from profile to the boat booking details
- Changed “Nationality” to “Residency” requirement

update 1.0.50-52
- Minor bug fixes
- Boat booking gateway integration
- Boat price adjustments
- Adding badges to loyalty program

update 1.0.49
- Added popup promotion
- Fixed PDF links for tenant pages

update 1.0.48
- Added Loyalty Program information page
- Fix social media login bug

update 1.0.39-43
- minor bug updates
- hits and misses for iOS updates

update 1.0.37/38
- add calendar to my calendar page
- add new my calendar menu

update 1.0.36
- offline use of maps

update 1.0.35
- cache boat ticket when No internet
- cache home menu when No internet
- staff booking pending first
- disable route when booking return and no route available

update 1.0.34
- option for upload picture
- update fix app crash after take picture (over memory)
- update boat payment
- update price calculate
- support APNS push notification (ios)

update 1.0.32/33
- minor updates and bug fixes

update 1.0.31
- disable origin route when no destination route
- Suggestion on disabled the button 'Book Now' if users are not allow to book (2019-06-20)
- Cancel boat booking - it should display cancelled ticket and cannot edit.Picture below, cancelled item was gone from the screen
- See the title on top, not align center
- (Main reservation) after click time reservation default value 1 if seat available > 0
- (Quick reservation) after click time reservation default value 1 if seat available > 0
- Update profile should remove required fields on Visitor Type, Residential Status, Passport No., and Personal ID also (at least for now)
- See wording 'undefined, NaN undefined NaN at'. Should not display.
- Press on picture icon, show popup to choose picture but press cancel, show as below
- update input phone number in register & update page to use number keyboard
- update design

update 1.0.30 (released)
- minor bug fix

update 1.0.29
- Added cancel boat booking button
- Update shop style
- Update boat schedules
- Remove some registration requirements

update 1.0.28
- minor bug fixes

update 1.0.27
- Fixed boat booking selection issues
- iPad support is removed

update 1.0.26
- Minor bug fixes
- App name changed from "Crossroads" to "Crossroads Maldives"

update 1.0.25
- Login send os , uuid , reg_id
- (2019-06-20 / 3.) Press back icon on below screen lead to the very first screen. Should back to registration form instead
- (2019-05-20 / 7.) A little text indent and fine tuning. Look at below pictures, left from mobile app, right from the design. Also the link 'Read more' should be under description text.

update 1.0.24
- fix bug profile image

update 1.0.23
- show profile image on my profile page
- fix half profile image
- remove icon sos, notification from home page


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