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发行商: Paul Lyons
价格: 4.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Crowd GPS Scanner App that allows the user to quickly find the most common crowd locate GPS devices such as tile. These are the devices the size of a coin that will transmit signals back to the owners for anything up to a year with just a watch battery. Before these devices came to market tracking would require larger batteries & sim cards which would become quite large and simple to find.
How the Crowd Locate system works:
Crowd locate works on the basis that when a tile is paired to a phone it will stay connected to that phone whilst paired and within approx. 30ft. Once the tile device goes out of range it will start sending a signal to "Find me" This signal will be collected by any persons phone that runs the tile app! This is how crowd locate works, the more people having the app the more chances the tile can be pinpointed. Once the tile has come within 30ft of another mobile phone running the app it will pinpoint that exact location on a map and send that information back to the owner of the tile! This will give the owner of the tile a real time location on a map with a time when located.
With our App you can search all devices within approx. 30ft and the App will list all devices detected.
The App will only detect devices that you don't have paired to your own phone or that are currently sending out signals because they are out of range to paired device.
This can be put to the test if you have a tile that has been paired to your phone. When you have a tile paired to your phone and the tile app is running on your phone the Crowd GPS Scanner App will NOT list any tiles that you own. Now swipe closed the tile app and turn off your phone then turn it back on. The tile you own will now be in lost mode because it's not connected to your phone. Whilst in lost mode it will be transmitting a signal "Find me" so now if you open the Crowd GPS Scanner App it will now list the tile device on the screen. Stop clear the results and start the tile App which will pair to the tile. Now if you run the Crowd GPS Scanner App it will NOT list your own device.


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