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Crypterium | Bitcoin Wallet

发行商: Crypterium AS
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone


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Everything you need in our all-in-one Crypterium Wallet.
- Sign up for an account in less than 1 minute;
- Store, buy, cash out, and exchange the world's top digital currencies;
- Buy Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), XRP (Ripple), and ERC20 tokens;
- Buy crypto with a card. VISA and MasterCard accepted;
- Best Market Rates. Low 1% Fee;
- No hidden fees. 24/7 customer support;
- 200+ exchange pairs at your hand;
- Send funds globally by mobile number;
- Withdraw to card whenever you need it;
- 100% Insured Funds. Trusted by 500K+ Users;
- Crypto credit – coming soon.

Get the most widely accepted card connected to your digital assets – the Crypterium Visa Card:
- Order your Crypterium Visa card in seconds, top it up with Bitcoin, and shop in 42+ million stores;
- The first official co-brand with VISA Europe;
- Connect your favorite cryptocurrencies to over 60 million merchants worldwide;
- A 100% free, ultra-sleek, global crypto card to spend anywhere, anytime;
- Low maintenance and express delivery available;
- Best rates on every transaction;
- Spend up to €10,000/month in physical and online shops;
- Withdraw up to €2,500/month in ATMs worldwide;
- Store your digital assets in a fully insured Crypterium account.


“Fintech Startup Crypterium is leading innovation with regards to access and spending of cryptocurrencies” - International Business Times.

“Crypterium is the world’s leading crypto-bank” - Yahoo Finance.


The Crypterium Wallet is the all-in-one solution for making crypto payments, buying or selling crypto, and sending cryptocurrencies to anyone, anywhere in the world in seconds. Buy ETH, XRP, LTC and dozens of other popular ERC-20 tokens and cryptocurrencies with a touch of your finger, exchange digital assets and make investments with easy withdrawal and transfer using bank cards, including VISA or MasterCard.

Order Crypterium debit VISA business bank card in seconds without any hidden fees and enjoy the lowest commissions on the market. Users can spend up to 10,000 EUR in shops withdraw funds from ATMs globally, making shopping using cryptocurrencies easy and hassle-free.

The Crypterium cryptocurrency wallet acts as the most reliable Bitcoin wallet for users seeking security and convenience in one package, allowing buy and sell operations in the Bitcoin era with over 60 million Bitcoin accepting traders worldwide. The Crypterium Wallet app acts as a Bitcoin exchange and digital VISA card for allowing its users to set up reliable and fast business crypto accounts and crypto banking accounts to trade Bitcoin and invest in Bitcoin, as well as dozens of other digital assets. The Crypterium Wallet can also be used as an Ethereum wallet, BTC wallet, Bitcoin Cash wallet, or as a universal payment gateway connected to Apple Pay. The Crypterium blockchain wallet is designed to allow users to take out crypto credit in the near future even easier.


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779 条评价


Scamm, don’t use this app


The future of payments.

Crypterium is an honest company full of integrity that is pioneering the crypto payment industry. In any pioneering project you can expect some slowdowns but Crypterium has handled every issue with the utmost amount of integrity. Highly reccomend Crypterium to anyone looking to use Cryptocurrency for payments.


$26,000 locked in app for 3 weeks

It is with great regret I lower my 5 star review to 1 star. I have been locked out of my app for coming up on 3 weeks and have $26,000 in CRPT tokens stuck that I can’t access. I’ve wrote to telegram support, I’ve wrote to email support, I’ve wrote to a cofounder of the company. Nothing is getting done. Let this be a warning to anyone considering storing funds on their app. USER BEWARE, IF YOU CAN NOT AFFORD TO NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESS YOUR FUNDS FOR AN UNKNOWN AMOUNT OF TIME, DO NOT USE THIS APP! If the “security team” learns how to do their job I’ll change my review. For now, USER BEWARE!


Straight Scandalous Company

These guys are scandalous! Charged my card for the same amount I was supposed to receive in a deposit. I signed up in the app and when I sent my Bitcoin over from another wallet everything went smoothly. When I tried to use their “cashout” service where you can deposit to a debit card instantly I verified everything necessary and proceeded with the transaction. Transaction was processed however instead of receiving a deposit I was charge for the amount that should have been deposited. When I contact support they want me to send screenshot proof so I do and they tell me they’ll have to forward it to their security team who only responds via email. Why the in hell would they charge my card for something that was supposed to be a deposit!? Are you kidding me!?



It is impossible to withdraw money if the amount is more than$ 250, bitcoin purchase transactions cannot be found in the blockchain, this is 100% Scam


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