Cuby Pizza

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Cuby Pizza (Full version) has made it to the Top Charts!

-Game #52 in the United Kingdom
-Game #46 in Italy
-Game #100 in Germany

*Note: These results were recorded on August 30th, 2018.

Cuby Pizza is a game where you must deliver pizzas to every house in a series of towns. Each town is suspended in the sky, and gets higher and higher as you progress. You must navigate carefully in order to avoid falling. In this game, you have the ability to Jump (Double Jump), Throw Pizza, and turn with a simple tap. The goal of the game is to deliver pizza to every house in the town and progress as high as you can, all while increasing your deliver streak. Watch out! The higher you go, the more dangerous the level becomes. The roads in each town will become increasingly skinny and the speed of the game will increase very slightly. Certain towns may also contain obstacles, such as cars or gaps you must jump over, which makes for a great challenge. This game has fairly simple game mechanics and can be enjoyed at any age!


- Bike
- Unicycle
- Go Kart (Unlockable)
- Tank
- Rocket
- Horse
- Pogo Stick
- Tricycle
- Motorcycle

Try them all!

Challenge your friends!
Submit your high score to our Game Center Leaderboard! There are two leaderboards. One for the highest town reached, and another for longest delivery streak.

Never play the same game twice!
Cuby Pizza contains an unlimited number of randomly generated levels. Each time you play, the levels will feel similar, but never be the same.

Cuby Pizza (As opposed to Cuby Pizza LITE) contains no Ads and can be played as much as you like without interruption!

If you would like to try this app before you buy it, please also check out Cuby Pizza LITE in the App Store.

Please Rate and leave Reviews for our app, so that we can work on improving it in the future.
Have fun!

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