Cupid Valentines Nails Game

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C.A Cupid from Ever After High is getting ready for Valentine's day and she has a variety of cool, fashionable outfits for her to try on.
How would you like to help her get ready for the big day? Style her hair and give her the prettiest hairstyle, choose a fabulous dress and then add a pair of wings so that she will be the most special girl around.
Accessories are always a must so go on and take care of that, too.
Cute platform will enhance the outfit even more so go ahead and choose the best ones for her.
Never forget about the nails.

They have to look just as fabulous and pretty as the outfit so have fun with them, too.
First, create some cool, colorful nailpolish colors and add some glitter to them.
Little hearts or shiny stars are a great addition to any shade of nailpolish.
Paint the nails in the colors you love and create the most perfect Valentine's look.

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