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Kids' Coloring

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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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"Kids Coloring" is a new app for young children that provides entertainment and creative stimulation at the same time as it provides practice with vocabulary words and with a wide range of important skills.

Any child is familiar with craft activities like coloring in coloring books, cutting out shapes, and putting together puzzles. Kids Coloring combines these familiar activities in one portable game! In Kids Coloring, children use their fingers to cut out, color in, and puzzle together a series of 160 cute, child-friendly pictures (such as a cartoon pig, cactus, or pudding cup). Once they complete each picture, a vocabulary word appears.

The combination of disparate tasks (cutting, puzzling together, coloring, reading) into one game is designed not only to help children’s motor skills and word recognition, but also the development of their logic skills. As a child completes each picture, they will learn what order to do the tasks in, and gain an understanding of why the order in which tasks are done is important.

When each picture is completed, a word will appear under the picture and the app will read the word aloud; making this book essentially an interactive picture book.


12 topics with 168 cute objects
More topics are coming soon
A first game that includes cutting, puzzling and coloring activities.
Including vocabulary and pronunciation for each object
Developing fine motor skills
Simple, easy and kid friendly interface
Possibility to save your arts
Develop pre-writing skills
Develop creativity
Parental control
No third-party advertising

“Kids Coloring” is a game that will develop your child's creativity, fine motor skills and imagination.

Enjoy the game! Have fun!

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27 条评价

I’m a kid and I love it

I don’t like it... I love it! This app is amazing I love it. It always says to keep going and that you are an artist! Its great but One time I was doing the hedgehog in the arts “Favorite pet” and then I just painted the grass aNd iT sAiD “Great art” when I’m only painting grass :P Develepor please respond to this problem but the rest is great. Anyways I’m done with my review have a nice day.


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