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日常闹钟 - 帮助睡眠 + 铃声录制

发行商: Zhiming Ding
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Daily Clock is an ultimate alarm clock with a lot of wonderful features. With it at night you can fall asleep to your favorite music ,podcasts, audiobooks or hypnagogic natural sounds via sleep tunes, and the volume will fade out to avoid a sudden disturbance. When the sun rises, Daily Clock will gently wake you up by fading in the ringtone, and you can choose a song or record an audio memo as the ringtone, you can also copy your audio files into the app via iTunes to use as ringtones.

-------------------What's Different------------------

+ Ringtone Recorder : Record an audio memo, your beloved's voice or whatever you like as ringtone.
+ Sleep Tunes: Set up a timer and fall asleep to your favorite songs, podcasts, audiobooks or hypnagogic natural sounds if you lose sleep.
+ Your Own Ringtones: You can copy your audio files into the app or choose a recording, song, podcast, audiobook as ringtone.
+ Background Alarms: When the screen is locked, background alarms are still supported with all the features.
+ Quick Snooze: A simple shake or a tap will conveniently snooze an alarm.
+ Sound Fade-in: With Daily Clock you'll never get caught by a sudden alarm.
+ Colorful Interface: Customize the iOS 7 style interface to any color you like.
+ Flashlight: Shake or double-tap on the screen will turn on/off the LED/screen flashlight.
+ Weather Conditions: Daily Clock will show the live weather conditions and 8-day forecasts at your location.


- Analog clock.
- Add an iOS 7 style background.
- Show/hide second and day.
- 12/24 hour time format.
- Adjustable digit font.
- Adjust the digits and background color as you like.
- Swipe up and down to adjust the screen's brightness.

- Play your music, audiobooks or podcasts as ringtones.
- Multiple built-in ringtones.
- Record an audio memo, your beloved's voice or whatever you like as ringtone.
- Silent Alarm. Use screen-flashing as alarm with no noise produced.
- Background Alarms. Daily Clock will run as normal with the screen locked.
- Alarm Sound Fade-in. Wake up from your dream like in Inception.
- Quick Snooze. A shake or a simple touch will set an alarm to snooze.
- Customizable fade-in interval and snooze interval.

- Live weather conditions and 8-day forecasts.
- LED/Screen Flashlight. You can choose the flashlight mode: LED, screen or both.
- Convenient Flashlight. Shake your iPhone or double-tap on the screen will turn on/off flashlight conveniently.

- Sleep Tunes. Daily Clock will coax you to sleep in the night with your music, podcasts, audiobooks or originally natural sounds.
- Shuffle the sleep tunes' songs or not.
- The volume of sleep tunes will fade out.


Check, check, check, get it and check out more !


It is advised to keep some distance from your phone while asleep to avoid a whole night-long radiation exposure.


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