DangDai Chinese 當代中文課程

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The most professional app to learn Mandarin Chinese!
Now get DangDai to study Chinese on your iPhone/iPad.
Learn the first three lessons FREE and fully functional.
MTC is presenting this brand new DangDai APP after half a century’s worth of educational experience. All the contents of DangDai APP are from Volume one of a printed book series “A Course in Contemporary Chinese”. The level of Volume one is equivalent to CEFR A1 - A2 (noviced - intermediate mid).
The “A Course in Contemporary Chinese” series was first trialed at MTC and other language centers around Taiwan for a year. The current version underwent numerous drafts, and materialized under the careful guidance of the consultants, a diligent reading from the review committee, and feedback from teachers and students.
MTC is very proud to bring you the DangDai APP. Furthermore, it is our hope that DangDai is a practical APP for your Mandarin Chinese learning.

1. Study Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese in one APP.
2. Switch to Chinese-Only Mode to train reading skills.
3. Every sentence has English translation and Pinyin (拼音).
4. Well-chosen vocabulary with English translation, Pinyin (拼音), Mandarin Phonetic Symbols (注音, Zhuyin), parts of speech and audio pronunciations.
5. Build custom list of favorite vocabulary.
6. Learn every Chinese character in the vocabulary via stroke animation and handwriting practice.
7. Highlight key sentences in Reading Mode.
8. Voiced by native Mandarin Chinese speaker.
9. Listen and read simultaneously.
10. Set adjustable voice speed to fit different listening and speaking level.
11. Follow the voice and record to practice speaking.
12. Loop repeat/A-B repeat playback.
13. Bookmark and notebook functions.
14. Completed grammatical sections and appropriate example sentences.
15. Various types of exercises and practice tests formulated by Mandarin Chinese teaching experts.

The Mandarin Training Center (MTC) was founded in the autumn of 1956 for teaching Chinese as a second language. Currently, the MTC is the largest and the most renowned Chinese language center, with around 1,700 students from more than 70 countries enrolled each academic quarter (three months.)
MTC students come from different cultures and language backgrounds. They share the common goal of learning to communicate in Chinese effectively--some for employment; some for interests in Chinese culture and history. Many students have never learned Chinese before they enroll at the MTC, whereas some are good enough to start at intermediate and advanced levels. No matter what your motivation for learning Chinese is or the level of your Chinese, the MTC will do all it can to help you make rapid progress.
Official website: mtc.ntnu.edu.tw/eng/

If you have any suggestions, feedbacks or questions, please let us know. :)
E-mail: mtcbook613@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mtc.ntnu/

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