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Dappre is the loyalty card and gift card app that respects your privacy. Convenient, easy to use and without having to create an account! Dappre adds useful information to many cards, such as an overview of connected (web) shops and relevant offers, and with VVV, Hallmark and Shoeby gift cards even the current balance and a transaction overview.

Scan the barcode and you can easily add all your loyalty cards and gift cards, such as your AH Bonus card, Air Miles card, ANWB card, Gamma card, IKEA Family card, VVV Gift Card, VVV Dinercheque, Hallmark 'Verwenkaart' and Shoeby Gift Card

- All cards at hand at all times
- A quick overview of all connected shops and participants in the neighbourhood
- Discover relevant offers and additional benefits
- Remain anonymous and still enjoy a personal offer

And for gift cards also applies:
- Up-to-date balance information
- Insight into transaction history
- Discover shops, restaurants and other locations in the area, where you can pay with your gift card.
- All web shops that accept the card at hand

- In addition to loyalty and gift cards, you can also create your own digital business cards and share them with your friends or business relations. By scanning your QR code they are connected to one or more business cards that you want to share with them in your personal network.
- Within your personal network you can send encrypted messages from phone to phone to one person or to a group.
- Change something on your digital business card and all your relations will automatically see the change. At the same time, you are subscribed to the information that others would like to share with you.
- Contact details of your Dappre relations can be automatically added to the iOS Contacts app. Each time the Dappre list is updated, updates of your Dappre relationships are added to the iOS Contacts app. This means that you'll always have the latest information about your Dappre contacts available in the iOS Contacts app.

Dappre uses the Qiy Trust Network, a secure infrastructure with strict privacy rules. The Qiy Trust Principles define your rights when you exchange personal information with others. Read more about this on the website qiyfoundation.org.

Do you have any questions or comments about the Dappre app? Feel free to contact us by sending an email to team@dappre.com. We are very curious what you think of Dappre!

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