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Dating My Partner app
Finding a partner through online dating is now one of the most popular ways to enter into a love, friendship or even marriage relationship. But, it is often not very easy to track match searches and be up to date with notifications from specific dating sites. In the light of this, dating apps have been introduced. Today, a long list of singles dating apps can be found online.

A perfect example of an excellent dating app is the Dating My partner. It is quite popular today based on the numerous advantages that are associated with it.

The Dating My partner app is a popular app for online dates. It comes with a comprehensive list of features that have been incorporated for purposes of streamlining online dating and making it as enjoyable as any user may want it to be. The app is the best for anyone who wants to meet someone single within a short time frame.

Key features of the app:

users allowed to login into their accounts using gmail or facebook accounts; provided you have an operational facebook or gmail account, you can use it to login into the app.

App features appear immediately after login; you will see the app features in full view shortly after login in. The major features include the home page, search box, match options, profile edit icons and settings.

Default settings govern the results of the search engine; users are at liberty to modify the search engine options depending on their personal preferences and whether you want to meet single men or not. Each search preference entered causes the page to reload automatically.

The like option is available for every person on the search list; users can choose to like a specific person revealed by the search engine results. Once liked, the app will automatically send a notification to the person. If the person is also interested in you, one may initiate a conversation with you using the chat option. You can also use the chat option if you want to initiate a conversation with a specific user in the match pages.

Access to the user profile page details is possible using the app; you are free to open your personal profile using the app. It is also possible to use the meet single women app to edit the various profile details including the profile pic, name, matches and other personal details

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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