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DBS digibank is a mobile banking app that aims to make banking simpler, smarter, faster and more secure, so that you have more time for the things you love.
In addition to the improved layout with more intuitive navigation, our DBS digibank app comes with exciting new features:

• Conduct online remittance or manage overseas transfer limit anytime, anywhere, with just a few taps
• Pay higher amounts via PayFast and Scan & Pay
• Authenticate your transactions safely and conveniently with Digital Token

Plus, you can continue to enjoy these services:
• Peek Balance: Check your balance with a swipe
• Fingerprint login: Login securely with just your fingerprint
• Quicklinks: Create shortcuts for your favourite mobile banking services
• Personalised Profile: Customise your own profile with a picture or nickname
• Payments Made Easier: Use a list of recent and favourite payees for faster transactions
• Get personalised market research and investment insights at your fingertips
• Stay up to date with exchange rates
• Access a full suite of banking and lifestyle apps
• Log in and view all your accounts in a single dashboard
• Make a transfer or pay bills
• Pay any local credit card bill

To get started on DBS digibank, please visit: go.dbs.com/hk-digibank-en
To understand what DBS digibank has access to? Please visit: go.dbs.com/hk-digibank-ap-en

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