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• It has feature to translate more than 40 languages with millions of words.
• You can select translate words meanings from your selected language to desired language, in which you want get translation.
• All language dictionary app is quite simple and user friendly app with easy to use features.
• This app is has all in one feature to those users who use online Google translator.
• It is quite alternative of Google translator.
• All language dictionary app is current need of all users who want to learn any language quickly by getting translation of words into their native language.
• Eye catching interface enable to use this app with full of comfort.
• When you will use this app hopefully you will not have need to use any other application because it has all those features and functionalities which are needed to such types of applications.
• This app needs internet connection for working.
• All language Translator app has feature to search translation of any language words into any other language efficiently.
• This dictionary app is Bugs Free app.
• Its performance is improved.
• All Language Dictionary is free app.
• You will love to use this awesome app regularly and its features.

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