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Digicel MyCash – The new way to send and receive money locally, and to friends and family back home in Jamaica more conveniently. So much safer, so much more convenient.

• Send Money to Jamaica for less
• Pay Bills with Convenience – Choose from over 100 Jamaican billers
• Digicel Top Up - Send credit to stay in touch with those who matter most

Simply download the app
, sign up at no cost, and your new Digicel MyCash Mastercard will be sent to you via mail

Signing Up is Quick and Easy*
• Absolutely No Credit Checks
• No Sign-Up Fees
• No Bank Account Required
• Your information is kept safe and is not shared

Send Money with Confidence
• Locally to another Digicel MyCash customer at no cost
• To friends and family in Jamaica more conveniently who have a MyCash Jamaica account
• No hidden fees
• Transparent exchange rates - send more, for less

Freedom and Flexibility
• You receive a Prepaid Mastercard** at no cost that can be used in over 210 countries and more than 50 million locations
• Costless domestic transfers to any Digicel MyCash user (no charge)

Money Management
• Send Money, Top Up & Pay Bills all in one app
• You’ll never go over budget! Only spend the funds you load
• Get friendly notifications to stay up-to-date on our latest features and exclusive promotions

There is Nothing like Being Too Safe
• If your Digicel MyCash card is stolen or misplaced, you can lock your card instantly via
the app and we will send you a replacement card right away!
• Talk to Real People Fast as we offer dedicated 5-star customer service via phone and
email support.

Things You Should Know
• You can shop online, in stores, home or overseas anywhere in the world where
Mastercard is accepted
• Withdraw cash at over 425,000 ATMs in the US
• Load cash directly onto your card at over 65,000 retail locations. (Walmart, Walgreens, CVS + more locations!)
• Transfer money from your bank account

*Terms and Conditions Apply
**Monthly Charges Apply

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