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发行商: Virtualioji darbo rinka, UAB
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone



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Equipped with €1,000,000 liability insurance – for safer home renovations.

Can’t wait to start your home or office improvement project? Don’t waste any more hours looking for the best professionals, Discontract will do it for you. All local contractor services are now in one app, just a few clicks away. Find the service you need, whenever you need it.

No more uncertainty – Discontract will help you always make the best decision that perfectly meets your needs. See and compare prices from the very beginning. Read reviews and get the highest-rated professionals. Message and hire local pros easily without leaving the app. Whether it’s daily chores or a big renovation project, track any task progress on your phone every step of the way.

Have some questions or need a consultation? We want to make sure you have the best experience possible, so our friendly and professional team is always there to help. To reach us, just call or send a message directly through the app!
We know that your to-do list is full enough as it is. With minimal effort on your part, Discontract will connect you with top contractors quickly, easily and securely. When it’s that simple, consider your projects already done.

Take a look at how it works:
○ Pick the service you need.
○ Get a list of available pros in your area together with their hourly rates.
○ Make a confident choice – compare prices, read reviews and select your pro accordingly.
○ Book your service quickly through in-app messaging with the pro. You choose the date and time that fits your busy schedule.
○ Once the task is completed, pay directly and securely through the app according to the contractor’s hourly rate. No cash needed!

Discontract will connect you with qualified, highly-rated professionals offering a wide array of services in your area:
○ Moving | Packing and secure transportation of all types of items.
○ Cleaning | Commercial and residential, tailored to your needs.
○ Plumbing | For any situation, from installation to emergency repairs.
○ Electrical works | Wiring, repairs and keeping your household appliances in-check.
○ Event Staff and Catering | For a stress-free celebration.
○ Shopping | From errands, deliveries to contactless grocery shopping.
○ Landscaping | Paving, lawn moving and everything in-between.
…and more! Download the app for free today and find exactly what you need.

We will take the work off your hands. Don’t worry about your home, spend more time enjoying it.

Currently available in Vilnius and Kaunas areas, Lithuania, Discontract is always looking to expand to other cities. Keep an eye out for future updates!


We’d love to hear your feedback or suggestions. Chat with us directly on the app or find us on:
Our Website:


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