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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Why you’ll love banking with us

1. We're a bank that gets behind you
As the world’s first behavioural bank, our main goal is to improve your financial health. We’ll help you change how you work with your money by guiding, motivating and rewarding you for getting financially healthier.

2. Vitality Money improves your financial health
With Vitality Money, you'll learn more about what it means to be financially healthy. Track your progress on our app and enjoy rewards as you improve.

3. Get Dynamic Interest Rates

Improve your Vitality Money status and control your Dynamic Interest Rates. You’ll get better interest rates on your savings and positive balances, and lower interest rates on credit.

4. Boost your Vitality rewards

Get even more rewards from Vitality partners like up to 100% back on gym, up to 75% off flights, up to 75% back on HealthyFood, and more!

5. Earn Discovery Miles on all your spend

Discovery Miles is Discovery’s rewards currency that you can earn for getting healthy, driving well and spending responsibly. Spend them at an exciting range of instore and online partners, convert them to cash or use them to make payments.

6. Vitality Active Rewards

Meet your money goals and earn weekly rewards like Discovery Miles, coffee, smoothies or shopping vouchers, and more.

7. Get a new iPhone on us

Want to upgrade your phone? Upgrade your bank. Achieve all your Vitality Active Rewards goals over 24 months to fully fund a new iPhone.

8. Your branch is in the palm of your hand

Our banking app has hundreds of features. You can sign up in minutes with a selfie, control how you see your accounts and transactions and add new accounts and cards with just a few taps.

9. Pay anyone quickly, easily and safely

Pay using just a cellphone number or make instant payments in seconds; link your Discovery Health Plan to your account so you can settle medical co-payments instantly at Dis-Chem or Clicks; and tap-and-go payments with Fitbit, Garmin and Samsung Pay.

10. Manage your money better as a family (coming soon)

Bank as a family and manage your money better, together. You can add family members to your account with just a few taps, share your credit and unlock exclusive rewards as well as discounted account fees.

11. We’ve got the perfect behavioural account for you

Enjoy smart, efficient banking with the new Discovery Card that has built-in transactional capabilities or choose the full banking suite for the best value and comprehensive benefits. We also offer a range of transaction accounts for your day-to-day banking and savings accounts to help you reach your savings goals.

12. Get more value with the Discovery products you have

If you’re already part of the Discovery family, your bank account will give you even more value with:
• Boosted Vitality rewards
• Seamless medical-co-payments
• Immediate 48-hour short-term insurance cover
• Discounted life insurance
• Enhanced investment returns

How to Join Discovery Bank:

Download the Discovery Bank app and enter your details to see if you can join us today. If we’ve reached our limit, we’ll reserve your spot and let you know when it’s your time to get on board!

• Download the Discovery Bank app and tap 'Join the Bank'
• Verify your cellphone number and register with your selfie
• Confirm your details, build your account and accept your offer
• Finish your application, choose where to deliver your card and set up your accounts
• Customise your banking, add more accounts, secondary cards and family members in minutes
• Unlock rewards with Vitality Money and Vitality Active Rewards

Discovery Bank Ltd. Auth FSP 48657. NCRCP9997. Limits, Ts & Cs apply

By downloading the Discovery Bank app you give consent to Discovery Bank to contact you.

Safety and security
Keeping your money and personal details safe is important to us which is why we have used market leading technology from all over the world to make sure we have the highest security measures in place

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