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The DMarket platform has been upgraded to version 2.0 to boost your user experience. Buy cheaper, sell faster, and withdraw your funds instantly on an all-in-one skins trading platform.

• Choose from a wide and ever-expanding range of in-game items.
• Make bids for skins in other users’ inventories even before they decided to sell them.
• Put your items up for sale or sell them instantly for a price proposed by other users.
• Enjoy a completely redesigned user interface where you can manage everything on a single page.
• Top up your balance or get your money in an instant with a variety of payment methods.
• Be sure that all your virtual assets are totally safe and always at your fingertips.

Take a closer look at new DMarket features

Instant Sale

You don’t need to wait for ages anymore. When someone makes a bid for an item you have, you can sell it right away for the Instant Sale price, which is displayed with a yellow lightning sign on the item card. Select one or a few of your items with an Instant Sale price, click “Sell Now”, and get money onto your balance in a flash.

More is coming soon. Stay tuned to reach the top of your game.

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