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Docomix is a comics creator and memes creator easy & simple to use providing all tools to make a comics and to make a memes to express your feeling in social media.
So if you are looking for a rage comic creator or trying to make a funny comics; rage comics; troll comics; cute memes; animal memes; cat memes; funny memes; silly memes … you must have try Docomix app to create memes & create comics

With DoComix app you can create your own comics and memes using a wide variety of memes pictures, rage characters and rage comics faces.
Docomix developers did their best to provide all tools, pictures, characters, features to help you to create your own memes for free without using an online memes creator app so in one download you will have a comics maker and memes maker app.

Docomix as comics generator you can now create your own comics & to create your own cartoon character: Funny rage comics, rage comics, batman comics, manga comics, avatar comics, superman comic, superhero comics, funny comics, dog comic, SpongeBob comics, cute comics, cat comics, indie comics, kids comics, tintin comics, mortal kombat comics, Simpsons comics, xmen comics, buffy comics, Japanese comics, new comics, Pokémon rage comics, derp comics, troll rage comics, Comics Strip, marvel comics,…
And as well in this memes creator app you can make your own free memes even from scratch you can create your own memes: comic memes, cute memes , new memes, funny memes , batman memes, political memes, star wars memes, superman memes, mr bean memes, rage memes, troll memes, darth vader memes, lego star wars memes, derp comics, gif memes, joke memes, pun memes, silly memes, humour memes, funny rage memes, troll rage comics

Why to use Docomix “memes maker and comics maker”::
-You can easily create and share comics on social media
-You can easily find and use trending memes & rage comics characters
-Draw your own characters to create your own comics
-GIF Comics generator easy to use
-Generate animated comics using a slides with timing control between slides.
-GIF Comics trends procession 
-DoComix app is a comic maker and memes maker will express your ideas by generating funny comics & funny memes.

DoComix app provide users free tools to create free comics & free memes:
-Most useful comic characters for social media” memes, rages, cartoons & others like funny or serious characters.
-Ability to use free objects to create your own comics: Furniture, trees, animals, home tools, & daily use objects 
-Bubbles chat 
-Ability to add texts to your own comics and memes 
-Create your own comics using a set of free backgrounds or upload your own background for your own comic
-Painting and drawing tools: Amazing brushes with different colors.
-Upload Photos or instant photos: So with DoComix you can create your own free customized memes using your own photo gallery.
-Favourites: Simplify now your job when creating new comic, by listing latest characters been used so you can use them again in later projects.
-Save your projects to resume later your own comics and memes 
-Slides: Easiest way to build animation where you can set a time of delay for each slide

DoComix Tools & Features:
-Free sets of creative tools,
-Flexible comics creation and memes building
-Comic character & objects rotation
-Moving & mirroring characters & objects when you create your own comics
-Undo and redo features
-Send to back or to front tools to create your own comic.
-Creating multi slide for each comic
-Ability to create animated Gif 
-Share your own memes and your own comics on social media & whatsapp
-Huge library available in docomix app: Free memes, free rage characters, free cartoons, free comics & funny characters
-User friendly memes editor; memes generator, rage comic generator and comics maker
-A selection of comics characters and memes pictures and content packs help you to follow all occasions and holidays in social media trends

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