Doctor McWheelie: London

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Animated educational book with mini-games based on the cartoon “Dr McWheelie.” Travel to London with Dr McWheelie! Vibrant, colorful animations tell children about left-hand traffic in London. Listen to the book, read it yourself, or provide your own voiceover narration. Together with Dr McWheelie, children will ride on a double-decker bus and learn to cross roads with left-hand traffic. The animated book is available in Russian and English.

Children will love two mini-games which will keep them entertained on the road.

1. Coloring game. Color the pictures in the book. Experiment by mixing colors to get different shades.

2. Hide-and-Seek game. Catch Dr McWheelie and earn points.

Young fans of the cartoon about cars are sure to enjoy the interactive book “Dr. Wheelie Travels to London.”

“Dr McWheelie” is a children’s cartoon about cars and auto repair. Dr McWheelie works in her garage where she fixes cars. She loves helping cars and knows all road safety rules. She also loves travelling and learning new things. In the cartoon, road safety rules and car parts are presented. Children will love watching Dr McWheelie work as they explore the world of large and small vehicles and learn road safety rules.

App features:

1. Enjoy vibrant, colorful animations and music in the book.

2. Read or listen to the book. Provide your own narration.

3. Book is available in English or Russian.

4. Simple, user-friendly interface.

5. Detailed user guide.

6. Offline functionality.

7. Ad-free.

Read the book and repair cars with Dr McWheelie. If you like the app, watch “Dr McWheelie” on YouTube:

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