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Dr. Hachiko is the personal nutritionist of your dog! It provides you with individual well-balanced daily rations (BARF food; homemade and natural), formulated specifically for your beloved dog. Dogs are individuals and the nutritional requirements of each one are different (based on breed, gender, age, weight, activity, pregnancy, nursing, etc.), which is why every dog should receive a specific daily ration that caters to her or his needs. To formulate a diet exclusively designed for your dog, you would just need to fill out a set of questions about your dog. Dr. Hachiko will carefully evaluate the information and take into account your canine’s individual qualities in order to provide a food recipe that meets his or her nutritional requirements.

Dr. Hachiko team consists of highly qualified PhD holders in animal nutrition as well as IT programmers who are animal lovers and trying to promote health and wellness in dogs through healthy (natural) nutrition. Dr. Hachiko app is the outcome of 8 years tireless efforts of this team. This revolutionary app brings something new to your pet’s dinner table. Something not done before in the pet nutrition world:

- Well-balanced healthy food calculated by Dr. Hachiko VS. unhealthy Commercial Dog Food (which is actually similar to human fast foods).
- Free nutrition education and free unlimited diet formulation provided by Dr. Hachiko VS. expensive (and often not very precise) diet formulation by veterinarians (min 99-180€ per ration).
- In the diets formulated by Dr. Hachiko, all nutritional requirements (energy, protein, amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and other mineral as well as calcium/phosphorus ratio) of your beloved dog are PRECISELY met.
- By Dr. Hachiko in your pocket, you will be completely independent. Your dog’s daily rations can be prepared by using food ingredients (bone, meat, vegetables, oil, etc.) available in every supermarket.

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