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价格: 2.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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The game that started the legend of DRAGON QUEST is here at last for mobile devices!
Discover the RPG that won the hearts of two generations!

Enter a fantasy world of sword, magic, and monsters in one standalone package!
Download it once, and there’s nothing else to buy, and nothing else to download!

◆ Prologue
The peace of fair Alefgard has been shattered by the appearance of the nefarious master of the night known as the Dragonlord, and the Sphere of Light which for so long kept the forces of darkness in check has been stolen!
It’s time for you, a young warrior through whose veins flows the blood of the legendary hero Erdrick, to set out on a quest to vanquish the Dragonlord, and save the land from darkness!

◆ Game Features
・First in the Legendary Series
Originally released as Dragon Warrior, you can now experience the classic retro RPG experience that swept up millions of Japanese players back in the Eighties...and never let go!
Become the descendant of the legendary hero Erdrick, and embark on an epic journey through the historic realm of Alefgard, tackling fearsome foes and perplexing puzzles on your way to the dread Dragonlord’s lair!

・Simple, Intuitive Controls
The game’s controls are designed to work perfectly with the vertical layout of any modern mobile device, and the position of the movement button can be changed to facilitate both one- and two-handed play.

・Experience the legendary RPG loved by millions in Japan and worldwide! Created by a legendary trio with the master creator Yuji Horii, the revolutionary synthesizer score and orchestration by Koichi Sugiyama, and art by master manga artist Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball).

◆ Supported iOS Devices/Operating Systems ◆
・iPhone 4 and Above/iPad/iPod touch (4th Generation and Above)
・iOS5.1.1 and Above


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698 条评价

Great game

The first 3 games are such a perfect trilogy so while this one may be dated and difficult it's definitely worth a play through as you make your way to the pinnacle that is dragon quest 3. @squareenix please release Dragon Quest VII 7 to us in English mobile markets.


Classic goodness

Classic, simple, enjoyable. I wish, though, that after this many years they would allow the option of playing as a female hero. I would buy it all over again if it meant I could rescue Gwaelin as a woman.


When and where?

Loved DQ1-3 on IOS. Just got 4 and 5, and will eventually get 6 and I haven’t yet played 8 but do own it. I only have one question. WHERE IS THE BEST GAME IN THE SERIES? WHERE IS SEVEN? It’s the one I played the most in my childhood. Making your own village, solving the gray stone rain, good times. Also, when are you gonna import Dragon Warrior Monsters 1-3 with Coby and Tara’s adventure titles as well.


Annoying glitch

When I save the game does not save the same happened in dragon quest ll also it deleted all my saves Please fix this otherwise good game


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