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DragonBox Complete Math Pack

发行商: Kahoot DragonBox AS
价格: 24.99 USD


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Save money and get ALL 5 award-winning DragonBox games together in one pack!
Already got one or more games? No problem, their price will be discounted from the total.

DragonBox Numbers - Ages 4 - 8
This game is designed to teach your children the principles of counting, addition and subtraction by building their number sense. With over 250 puzzles the game is intuitive and fun, while giving your children the fundamentals they need for future math learning.

DragonBox Big Numbers - Ages 6 - 9
Dive into the world of The Nooms & learn big numbers, and long addition & subtraction! Your child is challenged to think strategically over the course of the game to trade resources and unlock new worlds.

DragonBox Algebra 5+ - Ages 5 and up
The game that secretly teaches algebra. The fundamentals of algebra are hidden within clever drawings and cards that are replaced by numbers and variables over the course of the game. While playing, your children quickly learn the processes needed to solve linear equations while having fun.

DragonBox Algebra 12+ - Ages 9 and up
This award-winning app builds on the principles taught in DragonBox Algebra 5+ to teach your children to solve advanced equations. Throughout the game, your children complete a number of tasks to strengthen their equation solving skills and build confidence in math.

DragonBox Elements - Ages 9 and up
Enter the world of geometry with DragonBox Elements. Hidden beneath the whimsical levels and characters are the principles of geometry. The 100+ puzzles give your family hours of playing time, while building a deep understanding for the logic of geometry.

"The most impressive math education app I've seen..." - New York Times

"There’s a simple way to learn geometry over the summer. It is easy and fun." Forbes

“I was blown away. I felt like I glimpsed a future in which kids love to learn.” - Forbes


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