Duffer's Golf Score Card

发行商: Manfred Breede
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If you are like many recreational golfers, who score well above par, you know that keeping track of your score can be a challenge. This is where "Duffer's Golf Score Card" is an invaluable accessory that automates the tedious chore of manual score keeping so you can focus on your game.

The app combines features of a manual clicker with that of a score card, except you don't have to write or calculate your score. All you need to do is tap a button on the "Record Score" screen as you play. This advances the score and if you made a mistake you tap another button to subtract a score. There is no limit to the number of strokes that can be entered.

All the while "Duffer's Golf Score Card" adds the scores for every individual hole and calculates the running total score, running par and course par, which are displayed on a second "Summary" screen.

Setting up the" Summary" screen is as simple as entering the par values for each hole by way of a number pad. This can be done for 18 holes, front nine or back nine rounds.

"Duffer's Golf Score Card" works without confusing multi-function buttons, but rather uses an intuitive interface where every task at hand is carried out on a single screen.

A permanent record of the game, including the golf course name and an automatic time/date stamp, can be saved as a screen shot of the "Summary" page from within the app. The screen shot is saved to the Camera Roll of the "Photos" app from where it can be e-mailed.

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