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Dukto: the essence of file sharing, the easiest way to transfer documents!

If you've never heard about it, Dukto is a simple but effective tool for file sharing. Dukto is used everyday by a lot of people to share documents between different platforms without need to worry about permissions, users, protocols, client-server communication, and so on… Just start Dukto on the two devices connected to the same network, select (or drag & drop in the desktop version) files and folders and you're done!
In a moment all the documents are on the other end without problems, as water flows in a pipe.

The MULTIPLATFORM solution for file transfers!

• Totally rewritten for iOS
• Simple and intuitive user interface
• Integrated file browser
• File preview directly from the app
• Multi files and folders transfer
• Direct access to a photos and movies (requires user permission)
• No server needed
• Sends and receives text snippets
• Display of the current IP address
• Full Unicode support and non-western languages
• High speed file transfers (depending on type of network)
• Users auto-discovery
• Zero configuration
• No Internet connection required

"Before Dukto I was forced to wait for an e-mail with attachments to transfer file, now I do it all in a while!"
"For those working in an environment where Mac, Windows and Linux machines need to communicate, this tool is a godsend…"

Languages: English, Swedish, German, Chinese, Italian

Dukto is designed to be used in a trusted network, do not leave the application running in a public network as you may receive files from other users. To let the app access camera roll it is necessary that user accepts and confirms.

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