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Dynasty Legends:Warriors Unite

发行商: Taihe Interactive
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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3D ARPG game Dynasty Legends: New version is coming! Fight for the glory of the guild now!
The war situation changes in this epic battlefield. A more fierce guild war begins! Gather the power of all heroes, and experience the thrilling battles by conquering cities and states. The time for the Siege War has come! Start your legend with the strategy and fight for the glory of unifying the country!

【Game Features】

Intense Battle Mode
One Versus All! Smash your enemies like mowing grass on your mobile phone. Fast battle pace, control your heroes to cast their unique skills. Wipe out thousands of enemies with a single hit!

Various Game Modes
Real-time Co-op and PVP, intense battles. Evade, block and counter attack. Your enemies & allies are all over the world. Can you be the hero of all heroes?
Giant Boss fight. Hunt them down with your outstanding control! No one can hold you back even the demons!
9V9 real-time PVP, fight alongside your friends and dominate the arena.

Legendary Heroes
More than 50 heroes from ancient battlefields are waiting for your command. Every hero has their own way to fight, choose wisely! Awakening mode, a breakthrough of the hero's power! Now Jiang Wei and his awakened form joins the battle. Don’t miss this powerful officer!

Ultimate Game Experience
Designed for mobile phones. Smooth control, realistic hit reactions, stunning visual effects and high quality 3D graphics. It will take you back to the real ancient battlefield.

Customize Freely
Exquisite costumes and gorgeous wings for every hero. You're not only the strongest but also the coolest.

Contest of Champions
3V3 cross-server team battle is open! Build your strongest team and join the Contest of Champions to battle with other teams. The winner will be the leader of the campaign against Chiyou!

Mount Bloodline
Cultivate the mount via specific items and purify the mount bloodline to improve the attributes greatly and change the appearance of mount freely. A true hero deserves the best mount! Cloud Pegasus is coming to this new version. By riding it, you will surely stand out among all heroes!

New Gameplays
Siege War, a new form of guild war, will bring you to the ancient battlefield of the three kingdoms where heroes fight for the throne in endless war. Occupy the city and fight for the guild glory!

New Cultivation System
With gorgeous appearance and strong power, Rune can enhance the strength continuously and increase the attributes greatly. Such an awesome system will assist the lords to make a breakthrough!

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2284 条评价


Nice game


Extremely Fun If You Have a Lot of Money

Amazing graphics and game play. Unfortunately you will only experience this for a very short time unless you are swimming in money. If not, the fun stops pretty quickly. Truly a pay to play game that increasingly gets more and more ridiculously expensive as you try to progress and level up your warriors. Eventually getting to a point where you pay more to get less and then game over. Everyone eventually stalls out and stops playing because they are either broke or they have buyers remorse. Quite disappointing due to the fact this game has so much potential.


Good game!

But robbing 😅






Respected Dynasty Legends developers, We really are fans of Dynasty Legends and appreciate your efforts to develop and listen to our suggestions and demands about the game. As players we find it upsetting and unjust that there is always an update and server merges between other accounts that have a huge gap of BR between players. This gap is frustrating for players with low BR and lets their hard work on their accounts go down the drains and cannot even have the chance to win over any war or event because of that. As a result, they find themselves forced to charge with more money if they want to win but they cannot because the prices are over exaggerated and unreasonable for just a game.A 100 $ equals 5 $ does not make a noticeable difference. That led most of the best players and players with high BR to either sell their accounts or stop playing because there is no fun in just paying more with no winning or free events or satisfying prizes.The quality of rewards does not motivate the players. Even the given codes are unfair! Why can’t we have codes with SSR shards? Games are made for having fun with a reasonable amount of money but not squeezing the players out of money.We want to enjoy the same features of the global servers, such as:the prices of charging for events and offers.2. code gifts should give ssr shards or soulstone shards.3. Weekly change of characters in guild war.4. The first 3 guilds can get rewards.5. Exchanging all the extra resources like wings, divine weapon, all shards and evolution stone for pets.6. A collect all icon in solo, trio arena and ultimate nine. We as players with either high BR or low BR refuse this treatment from the developers of the game and ask to be treated fairly. Just like the global players whence the prices and events. So, we are stopping the blind charging for events now and we won’t be accepting any compromise in our demands. If by any means you refuse our them we’ll start boycotting this game.


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